Which Celebrities Have The Best Legs?

Women are very particular about their looks. Each time they succeed in altering a body feature to their desire and get accolades for it, they get to the next one which does not measure up to their standard. At times it beats logic on why celebrities, especially females, go to limitless proportions to get a procedure on a near perfect body part. Well, some people call it craze, or moving with the masses like ‘everyone seems to be doing it’. It is this spirit that has driven a number of women to do all it takes to alter the looks of almost the entire body parts; save for the very delicate ones.

Lately, there have been stories doing their rounds about legs getting more attention. The ladies now fight to possess the best legs the world will notice. Many have taken to the gym to have some fat off one part, and muscle on another. While results from a few have been great, some have had to contend with the average legs they spot. And that is not all; women who have gained a little attention on the legs go the extra mile to wear the smallest garments to reveal the lovely legs for media and fans.

Celebrities in the movie and music industry have their die-hard fans the same way sportsmen and women do. This makes it difficult to choose on a particular individual whom all fans agree has great legs or other such features. All the same, during a recent showbiz, Abbey Clancy was crowned an overall winner amidst very tough competition. Other noticeable ladies who came close to the winner were Kelly Brook and Holly Willoughby. Though Holly did not scoop the top slot, she was voted as the lady with the best feet. Other than the three, other celebrities who won spots are Emma Willis and Tess.


In the past, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie had overall advantage. Times seem to be changing and better legs are now coming up. But this does not stop tongues from wagging about the celebrity with best legs. Surgeries are available to correct any little flaw in a leg or any part of the body for that matter. This gives women the chance to scoop the top award for legs so long as they can get a credible surgeon to perfect the existing features.

Angelina Jolie

Most of the time celebrities wish for people to understand their legs are a perfect gift of nature. While a fair number of them have what nature provided, many have it as a result of the knife like is evident in Nicole Kidman plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery before after

Naturally good legs can be acquired by performing sufficient physical activity, eating healthy meals, drinking plenty of water; at least 6-8 glasses daily, removing hair from the legs on a daily basis, applying lotion on the legs after a shower, exfoliating the legs using body scrub or sugar and lemon. All these simple tips are a sure way to get hot legs that make people’s knees buckle. For individuals with plenty of cash, there is always the surgeon’s scalpel to do the trick.

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The Actual Causes of Sore Throat

If you have ever suffered from a sore throat, you know the feeling at your throat is not pleasant. You feel like you swallowed sandpaper that bruised your throat and you want to get rid of the sore throat as fast as possible. This feeling is accentuated by the accompanying symptoms such as fever, stuffy nose, sneezing or coughing. However, the symptoms of a sore throat are mainly determined by the cause of the sore throat.

Sore Throat Remedies

Causes of sore throat

As we can see on FHW, there are a myriad of causes of a sore throat; you need to identify the cause of your sore throat so as to get the right medication and avoid prolonged pain. Some common causes of sore throats include:

Viral infections – these include colds or flu. In most cases, sore throats caused by a virus will be accompanied by other symptoms such as elevated temperatures, headaches, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing and fatigue.

Bacterial infections – otherwise known as strep, sore throats caused by bacteria have a characteristic whitening of the tonsils, swollen lymph nodes and a tell-tale fever. Most noticeable in these kinds of sore throats is a cough or runny nose. This differentiates bacteria caused sore throat from the one caused by a virus.

Sexually transmitted diseases – gonorrhea and chlamydia have been known to cause sore throats especially among the sexually high risk groups.

Fatigue – this could be the most surprising of the sore throat causes. When you are fatigued or the body is very tired, you develop a sore throat as a defense mechanism.

Irritants and injuries – Irritants are injuries are the culprits in sore throats that have lasted for more than a week. Common irritants include air pollution, smoke, air humidity, allergic reactions, and acid from the stomach. A puncture or wound at your throat will also cause a sore throat.

Treatment of a sore throat

Most sore throats are easy to get rid of using home remedies for throat infections or using over the counter drugs. However, the more severe and persistent of sore throats needs highly specific medication. Here are remedies for different forms of sore throats:

Antibiotics – these are best for bacterial caused sore throats

Viral medication- sore throats caused by viruses are best treated by gurgling warm salty water over a period of time and resting. Some sprays are also available over the county for relieving pain.

Rest – this is perhaps the best treatment to all illnesses. Giving your body some rest will allow it to heal and recover even without any sore throat medication.

The persistence of a sore throat will determine whether you need to see a doctor. Whereas there are home remedies for throat infections, persistent and severe sore throats should be looked at by a doctor. This is because sore throats could be a symptom of a bigger underlying issue which will need a doctor’s diagnosis for treatment. It is also important to note that wrong treatment of a sore throat will not get rid of a sore throat. Identify the cause correctly for the proper medication.

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