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Jacksonville Chiropractic

Cooper Chiropractic is an outstanding Jacksonville chiropractic. It was opened by Dr Cooper in 2011. At this Jacksonville chiropractic they offer natural and corrective chiropractic care to individuals and their families. They want to be able to care for as many people as they can. They work hard to be able to provide quality, affordable care. They care for all types of patients as they like to help everyone maintain a high level of health. they use a variety of advanced technology and other methods to get more precise results. They will work on getting to the root of your pain, so they can leave you with permanent results. They will help to make you healthy and then continue maintaining high levels of health. They want you to be able to live the life you deserve.

This Jacksonville chiropractic offers many outstanding services such as video fluoroscopy, precision spinal adjuster and infrared testing. Infrared testing uses ultra-sensitive infrared sensors to record heat patterns radiating from your body. It enables them to see abnormally functioning areas in your body. It has been modified for chiropractors to use. For their precision spinal adjustor service they will identify the problems, so they can begin correcting them. A tool they use for this is a sophisticated computer program. This allows the chiropractor to set the force and frequency needed, they do this with a hand-held instrument. With their pierce results system, they use a hand-held instrument to deliver a series of rapid taps to the right places along your spine rather than the slower alternative. Video fluoroscopy provides a safer form of spinal analysis than your conventional x-ray; it offers effective but affordable spinal care. Their drop table adjusting is designed for your comfort. The table will give way during your adjustment, removing the need to twist or crack your spine, this means they put little force on the body but ends up with shocking results. They also offer two other services which are an on-premise x-ray facility and a thermal nervous system scan. Their imaging techniques make sure that they know what’s going on inside your body. This means that they can ensure that they give you the correct care which meets needs.