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Strengthening and Nourishing Natural Black Hair Products

natural-black-hair-productsHair which is curly or coily is usually dry this is because oil produced by our scalp only travels a short way up the hair strand. Plus if you heat or chemically treat black hair, it will begin to get dryer and weaker. Naturaz natural black hair products are made to infuse and sustain moisture in your hair so that it is softer for longer, healthier and easier to manage. They make sure to use no sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols, mineral oils or petrolatum in their products. Instead they like to use natural ingredients in all of their products such as jojoba, coconut, palm oil, Aloe Vera, lavender and others in a formulation that infuses lasting moisture to your hair.

Mumbi Denjwa is the founder of Naturaz; she developed the hair care line to help women’s with hair like her won, which is dry, curly and coily. She knew she had to find a solution as she has always liked to wear her hair naturally, but it would tangle a lot and was difficult to manage. She used her chemistry and technical background, to work with a team so they could formulate and market the product line, their premise is to deliver everlasting moisture and nourishment to your hair, by offering natural black hair products. Their premise is to be able to deliver everlasting nourishment and care to your hair. They want you to love you hair regardless of type, beauty and ease.

The natural black hair products that they offer include a curl defining cream, curl defining gel, moisturising shampoo, styling moisturiser, and a rehydrating mist and detangler. The shampoo is a gentle cleansing agent, it will moisturise your hair and scalp making them both feel better. The Rehydrating mist and detangler which will ensure you hair maintains moisture. It can help to detangle a selection of hairstyles such as braids and many curly hair styles. It will help with reducing itchiness for weaves too. The styling moisturiser also helps by adding moisture, volume, shine and softness to your hair and scalp. The curl defining cream is a moisturising gel which is used to finger comb hair for curl definition. It’s also ideal when for styling and flattening hair.  It was made with ingredients such as shea butter and avocado oil, which are beneficial to your hair as they help to condition it. The curl defining gel is used the same reasons as the curl defining cream but it’s also used to tame curls and retain moisture.


Important Tips for Choosing the Best Natural Hair Products


Embracing a natural hair journey can be overwhelming but also exciting. This is so because the whole process of choosing the appropriate products for your hair can be quite a task. It may take you considerable amount of time to get a routine that works for you.

Here are some important tips for discovering the best natural hair products for you:

1. It’s more than texture

Establishing your hair type is crucial as it enables you to determine the best car practices and what types of products are likely to be best suited for your hair. However, there is more to this as other important factors will also affect the results you get with various products you try.

2. Know your hair porosity

It is important to find out your hair porosity as it is your hair porosity that measures how your hair absorbs and retains moisture if you are looking to keep moisture in your hair.

3. Your hair’s health

Damaged hair will have different needs from healthy hair. This type of hair may also be porous, necessitating for products rich in protein. On the other hand, protein products may make healthy hair dry and stiff.

4. Understanding the proper usage of products

It is very often to mistaken butters and oils for moisturizers. It is important to note that butters and oils are used for sealing in moistures and preventing moisture loss. On the other hand water and water-based products are moisturizers. You are able to set the right expectations and get more satisfying results when you understand the proper use of products.

5. Get what is necessary

Every natural hair needs a shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner, and a sealant (oil or butter). Other styling products are optional depending on how you prefer to wear your hair.

6. Consider the styles you like to wear

The products you may need will be determined by the hair style you intend to wear. For braided extension lovers, a light moisturizing spray will do wonders, set styles like roller sets must go hand in hand with styling products such as a setting form ,while wash and go’s needs a gel that will define the curls and give your hair a hold.

7. Be an Educated Consumer

Invest in learning about which hair products are the most beneficial and which are going to be harmful for your hair type.

8. Pay Attention to The First 5 ingredients

A product may appear appealing and good because on its packaging it may insinuate that it is filled with the essential nutrients, but it is important check if those nutrients are listed among the top 5 ingredient as if they are not contained in that product, it may not give you the results you aspire.

9. Choose Products that Work With the Climate you Live in

It may be necessary that you change your hair products occasional if you stay in areas with seasonal changes. Some products may be safe to use in weather and other not. For example, it is not advisable to use glycerin-based products during humid weather as they can make you look frizzy.

10. Price (You don’t have to get into a debt)

In the beginning, you are going to have some hits and a lot of misses. You have to do some trial and error meaning you have to invest. However, after you have establishes what works for you, you can cut down on impulse buying and go for what you need only.