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The Description Of A Private Midwife

Private Midwife

When you are pregnant there are various choices that you should be considering. Some of these choices may include the name of the baby, finding out the sex of the baby and the color scheme you would like to use for the nursery. In addition, when it comes to the medical support and care you also have a choice to use the conventional route or decide on a private midwife.

What Is A Private Midwife?

An independent or private midwife is a person that has made the decision to work outside the NHS and will be self-employed. You as a pregnant mother have the choice to have your midwife present at your hospital of choice at the time of the birth, but these midwife types are typically more involved in the home births for the couples who have chosen this option.

How Much Do Independent Midwifes Charge?

The amount that these midwifes will charge will vary in accordance to factors like where you live as well as the type of care and help that you require from their services. The costs in the UK range from about £2,000 to £4,500. Some of the providers will allow for installment payments which assist in spreading the cost opposed to paying the fee in one lump sum.

What Type Of Care Do They Provide?

Private midwifes typically offer various levels of care dependent on your requirements personally. These services can include advice or a support system as your birthing partner. Some will offer full services that include becoming the medical provider when you give birth to your child.

What Type Of Qualifications Do Midwives Have?

The qualification of independent midwives will have to be exactly the same as the NHS midwifes. The only differences are that these individuals work for themselves and you will pay for these privileges. Certain midwives will also specialize in types of birthing situations such as breech or caesarean births.

Are You Entitled To NHS Care When You Have Chosen A Independent Midwife?

You are definitely still entitled for NHS services. The DH (Department of Health) has stated that the choice of a private midwife does not mean you have opted out in regards to accessing NHS pregnancy care or an NHS midwife.
Any of the antenatal tests that are required will still be on offer from the NHS as well as any specialist requirements that may arise.